Protecting your premises 24/7 with the bdeye Monitored CCTV & Alarm System

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Once you switch on bdeye the exterior boundary of your garden is alarmed and monitored by a personal monitoring security guard, accountable to you for the safety of your family and your property.

Your personal guarding team will be very experienced in judging situations. They will know immediately when they need to intervene.

A whole range of interventions are available including loudspeaker interrogation, loudspeaker commands, and absolutely deafening alarms. Security lighting will be switched on, to further isolate and identify the intruder.

Very occasionally there will be intruders who are determined to get into your property no matter what alarms are set off. In these circumstances, your personal guarding team will contact the police – and because the call is coming from a professional monitoring centre the police will take the call seriously. Additionally, you can also opt for one of our mobile security teams to call at your property.

After the event, CCTV surveillance video footage can supply essential evidence that will help any police investigation and aid criminal prosecutions. This evidence can, with all due legal caveats, be used in court to support prosecution.
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