The Hardware protecting your home

The bdeye system is a truly bespoke solution to protect your home. We only use UK-based manufacturers to ensure the reliability of our security systems and to prevent the systems from being hacked.
The system ranges from a minimal number of detectors around the interior of your home, up to a fully customised system that protects all entry and exit points, as well as using motion detection within the home. bdeye systems can be configured so that your personal guard protects your property both when you are at home and when you are away.
bdeye offers both wired and wireless solutions as well as incorporating fire detection, flood detection and doorbells. These are all linkable to a key fob and a phone application as well as being monitored by a fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

bdeye systems are installed to either Grade 2 or Grade 3 standard (this will be discussed during your site security review). The grading required will depend upon your home insurance. As we install and certify your system to SSAIB standards this also ensures that you are likely to reduce your home insurance premiums.

The bdeye system can provide external perimeter protection. This is vital as you will be much safer being awakened by your personal bdeye guard making you aware that a would-be intruder has been deterred, rather than experience an actual intruder entering your home.

The range of technological devices we can draw upon to configure your individual bdeye solution is very substantial. Here we showcase a few of the options available. A complete specification will be provided when we survey your property.
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Wired/Wireless Options

Smart home integration that you arm/disarm at the touch of a button.

Bespoke Security

Fire and flood detection that you can integrate and control via your smart alarm.

App Services

Arm / disarm your alarm system from your smart phone, as well as receiving real time notifications.

Security that protects your loved ones

All our alarm systems are pet friendly, incorporating special sensors which means that your cat or dog will not set the alarm off when it has been armed.
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