Protecting your premises 24/7 with the bdeye Monitored CCTV & Alarm System.

Prevent & Protect
Introducing an exciting new innovation
in the field of home security.

bdeye represents the latest concept in home security – complete perimeter and external protection for your property while allowing you freedom to move around inside your home.

Once you switch on bdeye the exterior boundary of your garden is alarmed and monitored by your own named monitoring security guards, accountable to you for the safety of your family and your property.


Switch the bdeye system on at night when you go to bed, when you leave the house for any length of time, or perhaps when you are at home alone and feeling a little vulnerable.

Your security monitoring team are individuals known to you, to whom you can speak to via video intercom at any time of the day or night regarding the security of your home. For instance, if you are concerned by a sudden noise outside, an unexpected caller at the front door, or just have a sudden “sixth sense” that something is not right.


Simply talk to your security monitoring team and they will check things out for you, using powerful cameras that can examine and record every aspect of your perimeter – and if there is any cause for concern they will immediately take action by challenging any intruders by loudspeaker, switching on floodlights and loud alarms, and, if necessary, calling the emergency services.

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Why choose us?

bdeye is part of an established professional group of security companies with a track record of innovation, stability and outstanding customer service.

How it works

Bespoke Security

bdeye is built to protect you and your loved ones. Set your system from your phone or keypad and instantly the bdeye security team are protecting your premises.


Through the bdeye CCTV System your security starts on your driveway or in your garden, not when the intruder has broken through a door or window. Once armed, the system is searching for would-be intruders. If an intruder enters any of the areas that are protected by bdeye an alert is sent to the bdeye monitoring team.


Our security teams have their bdeye on your premises when you need it.

Only bdeye is able to
guarantee reliability.

Allocated Monitoring
Security Team –
personally known to you

A unique feature of the bdeye system is that it will be allocated to one of our security teams. The team will familiarise themselves with your site and will conduct spot checks to ensure that if an incident occurs, they know the layout and what bespoke tools are at their disposal to protect you.


The minimum a bdeye system has is an audio system so that your security team can offer audio challenges. Some bdeye systems are linked to lights, sirens and gates. Your security team are available 24/7 and, should you wish to test your system or alter procedures, they are happy to assist.


If the security team receive an activation, they assess the situation and work through your personal response plan. This can include any of the following and will be discussed prior to your system being installed: offer an audio challenge, contact you or your keyholders, contact the police, dispatch the response team, turn on internal or external sirens, deploy smoke, activate sirens. With bdeye your protection is bespoke to you.

Protection 24/7/365

bdeye can be armed whether you are at home or away. If you are in the back garden and want the front of the house protected, just turn on that area of your system.


The bdeye CCTV and bdeye alarm systems are built to accommodate you, unlike many systems, where you have to make changes to accommodate the system. The systems, even when disarmed, are monitored to ensure that when required the systems will operate correctly.

Watch our real crime stops

Here you can see examples of how effective bdeye is at challenging and deterring intruders – the vast majority will leave the premises when challenged by bdeye.
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