Realtime Guard monitoring 24/7

Our Control Centre monitoring team are the cornerstone of the way we protect you. More than just faceless employees, they aim to be your valued friends, fully briefed on your security requirements and preferences and always ready to be of assistance. Here we look at the way bdeye approaches live 24-hour monitoring:

bdeye is all about deterrence – detecting intruders the moment they approach the border of your property, challenging them when they are in your garden or other surrounds, and preventing them getting into your house. A proactive 24-hour CCTV team can issue loudspeaker warnings followed by escalation to keyholders and police first responders.


After the event, CCTV surveillance video footage can supply essential evidence that will help any police investigation and aid criminal prosecutions. This evidence can, with all due legal caveats, be used in court to support prosecution.

Protection Starts at Home

bdeye protection at your property means that if any intruder enters your restricted areas (garden, driveway, outbuilding) they will be seen, tracked and recorded whilst they are on site.


The latest CCTV surveillance systems can detect a potential incident as it happens, in real-time, with a range of detection technology from external or built-in AIR (Passive Infra Red) detectors; or thermal heat (Active Infra Red) beam detectors; PIR detectors and AI (artificial intelligence that can detect specific threats). Your bdeye team will respond to every activated alarm notification and will immediately investigate the event by viewing the live CCTV footage to determine the cause, the threat and level of response necessary to prevent the incident from becoming serious. The fact that an incident has been assessed by a security team such as bdeye means that the police recorded, logged and available to you on a more seriously. Each and every incident is will take any request for assistance much dedicated secure communications portal.

Audio Warnings

Audio warnings to intruders are a very effective deterrent, often stopping incidents from progressing. The bdeye team talks to the intruders directly and warns them of the consequences of remaining on your property.

No False Alarms

It is an unfortunate fact that alarms on their own are seldom responded to by the security services unless verified. The sheer number of false alarms often overwhelms the police and can escalate responses in a way that will be can visually confirm what is happening and fire services. Only a system such as bdeye taken seriously.

Facial Recognition

After an incident, your bdeye team will work with the police to assist an investigation and provide evidence for prosecution, identifying intruders via facial recognition, facial mapping and many other characteristics.

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