Protecting you and your loved ones

BD EYE home security hardware

We predominantly use UK-based manufacturers to ensure the reliability of our security systems.

Systems supplied and installed can range from a video doorbell to a fully monitored external system, from a couple of internal sensors to a fully integrated intruder alarm with smart-home functionality. Whilst our first priority is to provide you with security and deter criminals, we also provide flood and fire protection, and panic alarms that can be activated both whilst you are home or away.

At bdeye we only install graded security systems. The grading of your system will be discussed during the design phase to ensure that your system meets your, and your insurer’s, requirements. As all of our systems likelihood that your home insurance may be are certified by SSAIB it increases the discounted.

Whilst most security providers focus on the protection starting as a break-in occurs, bdeye believe that the intruder should be stopped before they commit the crime and increase the risk to you and your loved ones. bdeye uses a range of market-leading meets your needs and is easy to use.

Whilst the bdeye approach is proven to deter the majority of would-be intruders there will be occasions when the intruder is persistent. So, bdeye also provide internal protection – from wireless to hard wired, we have a solution for you.

The systems installed by bdeye are designed to fit around you and your loved ones so you pets can still move around your home freely can set your system and both you and your without risk of false activation

bdeye systems can be configured and linked to your mobile phone to allow you to receive real-time notifications as well as arm/disarm your system. Through the bdeye systems we can also link gates, lights, sirens and smoke machines so that an activation can release a wide array of surprises for any would-be intruder.