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Bdeye is built to protect you and your loved ones. It is a premium service that is designed to provide you with the best level of protection available. Unlike standard security systems that are one-size-fits-all, each bdeye system is unique to the client, their family and their premises. Our designer will listen to your needs, and offer recommendations based on your requirements. From a remotely monitored security system to a fully integrated smart home solution, bdeye will design the system that is right for you.


Remember that in an emergency two thirds of do-it-yourself alarms fail to work. Less sophisticated systems can often be deactivated/defeated by criminals.


Bdeye offers professionally installed reliable systems.

Once you have accepted the system design, we will work with you to agree a convenient time for our engineers to install your bdeye system, as well as introduce you to the lead engineer who will liaise with you throughout the works to ensure that you are comfortable with what has been installed.

Upon completion of your new bdeye system being installed you will be issued with an asset register, commissioning documentation and installation certification.

Once installed, your system is monitored and bdeye will be in touch to arrange convenient dates for our engineers to attend and conduct maintenance. Maintenance is critical to extend the life of your security system. It is also common for insurers to insist on security systems being maintained by an accredited company.

At bdeye we are all about protecting you and ensuring we support you. Thus, if at any point on the journey with bdeye you have a query, please ask.

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