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I can thoroughly recommend bdeye for all homes. Our daughter was being stalked by an ex-partner, and the situation was becoming impossible. Only when she came to live with us were we able to collect the evidence via bdeye that convinced the police of the need to act.

The Council in their wisdom have created a traveler’s site just half a mile away from us, and since then we have felt the need to keep an extra eye on our property. bdeye was an excellent solution, and remarkable value for money considering the service we get.

We have a lovely house, but it is in a very rural part Yorkshire and at night when I am there on my own I am grateful for the sense of security bdeye provides. I know my security monitoring team quite well, and we often have a laugh and a joke. Also, if something wakes me in the night it is comforting to know I can ask bdeye to have a look and they will come back and say the owls are active, or there is a deer barking. Only once did they report there was a mystery car in our yard and they were able to immediately challenge it so that it drove off.

My husband’s mother has early stage Alzheimers. She can still live fairly normally in her own home, but we installed the bdeye so we can see when she leaves the house; who calls at the house and what their business is; plus the monitoring guards are really good at interacting with her so she doesn’t become too anxious when she forgets things.

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