How it works...

Technology, Processes, and Live Sentinel Guards
BD EYE Hardware

1. The Warning Sign

The bdeye signage is installed on the perimeter of your premises to give any would-be intruder a warning that we have our bdeye on them.

2. System Armed

Your system is armed when you need it to be via the app, an agreed schedule or a keypad.

3. External System

Your external bdeye system is the first line of defence. With state-of-the-art technology, the camera gives the bdeye guard the ability to detect any human or vehicular intrusion and issue audio challenges.

4. Identification

Should you or a welcome guest approach the premises whilst your system is armed you will be audio challenged. If a password is provided the system will be disarmed by your bdeye security team.


If the person approaching your premises is not a welcome guest and is unable to provide a password the response will quickly escalate.

5. bdeye guards are alerted

If the would-be intruder is not deterred, your personal guarding team will be very experienced in judging situations.

They will know when and how to intervene – issuing further audio challenges, calling you or a designated keyholder or the police, activate additional security measures including high decibel sirens, disorientating tactically-installed lighting or even smoke machines. All this can be happening whilst our security response team have been dispatched and are on their way to your premises.

6. Response

It is only on rare occasions that our response team or the police must be dispatched. In our experience the shock and alarm sequence puts off the majority of intruders. Whilst your personal security team await their arrival on site they will continue to monitor the situation

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