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Q Why is bdeye better than a system I can install and check myself?

Over two thirds of DIY security systems fail within the first year. At bdeye we provide regular remote maintenance to ensure that, should the system be needed, it is fully functional. Also, what are you going to do if you see an intruder approaching your property, when you are in the house? Or when you are away?

Q How much does bdeye cost?

Due to the bespoke nature of the systems prices range significantly as a single doorbell camera costs much less than a full turnkey security system.

Q How can I be sure that bdeye will prevent crime on my property?

Tests and trials have proved that almost all intruders when challenged will immediately leave the property. If any loiterer is a bit tardy about leaving your garden the monitoring team has a range of options including switching on powerful floodlights, operating a deafening alarm, and calling the police. All the time the cameras are recording the incident, which can be useful if the police decide to prosecute.

Q How does bdeye know if the homeowner or a criminal is on my property?

The perimeter technology is powerful and sophisticated. It is configured in a way that leaves nothing to chance. Because we survey every installation there is no possibility of blind spots. As soon as the sensors are activated your personal monitoring team will be checking what is happening. Wildlife can be discounted by the guards. Anything else is brought to your attention – for instance if you have a teenage child who comes home much later than expected, the team will ask him or her to identify themselves. If there is a suspicious character at your door or in your garden they will immediately be challenged with the full force of the system.

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