Top Security Tips For Your Home This Summer!

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The crew here at bdeye decided to get together and write a list of tips to help keep your family safe while you’re away on holiday this summer! 


Don’t advertise your getaway on Facebook or any other social media platform until you’re back!

It’s difficult when we’re excited to try and contain our enthusiasm and shout about it to the world! But not everyone in your life is trustworthy and there are definitely opportunists out there willing to take advantage. In 2022 according to the England and Wales crime report, an astonishing 250,690 reports were made about burglaries which is a 7% increase on the year before. 

Make sure to close all windows and doors!

You’d be surprised at how many people leave their bathroom window open just a crack or to put their windows on night lock to keep fresh air circulating in the house. Keep all windows and doors, and even cat flaps locked up tight. It’s not just humans you need to worry about with this one, but wildlife as well. 

Get a friend, family member, or neighbour to check in!

Whether you’re going away for two days or two weeks, if there’s no movement inside your house and the car is gone, it looks pretty obvious that nobody is home. It is definitely worthwhile getting somebody you trust to check on the property while you’re away. 


Alternate movement in the home!

You can get automated lights to switch on and off on a timer, have your trusted person open and close curtains, make sure to remove the post from the floor, and basically make it look like somebody is home!

Look into getting a good security system!

Complete with intruder alarms, link to gates, sirens and smoke machines, automated lights, fire and flood protection. bdeye can do all of this, as well as monitor your home 24/7, all year round. You can even arm & disarm the security system from your mobile phone while you’re away! 



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