How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Holiday Season

How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Holiday Season

Home security at Christmas is a big concern for those of us who travel during the winter months. What should be an enjoyable time spent catching up with family, giving gifts and eating to excess can be marred by worries about your home’s security while you’re away.


That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right security systems and tools in place for peace of mind.


Here are a few ways to strengthen your home security during the holidays.

Make your house look lived in

If you are going to be away for a significant amount of time, it’s important to make your house look lived in so potential burglars don’t perceive it as easy prey. Things like leaving a car on the drive, asking a neighbour or using smart home features to turn lights on and off and draw the curtains in the evenings; and ensuring post doesn’t pile up are all helpful ways of making your house look lived in.


Smart home features, which bdeye can install, can also be used to arm or disarm an alarm at certain times of day remotely. It’s also important not to advertise your absence on social media. Mentioning you’re going away for Christmas can make your home a target.

Hide your valuables

This may sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to leave something like jewellery or a laptop out in the open. Be sure to put things of high value in as secure a place as possible. Even just making it difficult to access something without making a lot of noise is a valid option, such as hiding a laptop under a bed behind a heavy object.

Security cameras

One of the easiest ways of protecting your property is a home security camera. These can come in many forms, from a simple video doorbell that can deter thieves trying to enter via the front door, to elaborate systems that cover every inch of a property. bdeye recommends that any system with security cameras for home should start with cameras that face outwards, starting your security around the perimeter of your home.


Making sure your home and the area around it is well illuminated will also help to deter thieves as they are far more likely to be seen when approaching the property. Specific security lighting is also available, which can be motion activated to shine a bright light on anyone approaching the property. Placing security cameras strategically so they can both see as much as possible and be seen will also help with deterrence.

Other home security systems

bdeye offers a variety of home security systems, helping increase your home safety. These can include our 24/7/365 monitoring team, providing an extra layer of professional home security on top of the bespoke systems.


Our professionals work with you to create a personal response plan should an intruder be detected, which could include an audio challenge, contacting you or your keyholders, contacting the police, dispatching the response team, turning on internal or external sirens or deploying smoke.


For further information on how to enhance your home security and keep your home safe give us a call on 0800 804 8112 or contact us online today.